Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Accommodation, Laundry and Galley ducting accumulates large amounts of dust, grease, oil and smoke residue resulting in many risks such as :

  • Fire and safety hazards
  • Health and sickness risks for employees
  • Alteration of HVAC networks performances and efficiency.

Duct cleaning shall be integrated into regular maintenance plan. It is recommended that HVAC ducting networks undergo inspection and cleaning every six months for galley & laundry networks, and every year for accommodation general vent networks.

Amendments to SOLAS Regulations II-2/3 and dll-2/9.7 stipulates that vents shall be provided with hatches for inspection & cleaning close to exhaust fans, lower part of ducting and near hood for galley. Also, automatic and remotely operated fire dampers shall be fitted.

The main objective is to complete cleaning while limiting inconveniences and disturbances for living crew. It requires detailed planning and strong co-ordination with catering and maintenance crew.

Cleaning works can be undertaken onshore, whilst rooms, galley and laundry are not operational or in use. Jobs can also be carried out offshore during operating conditions with limited inconveniences such as cold meals for few days inside galley area and cabin shifting in sleeping quarters.

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