External Wood Decking

Wood Decking

External deck lay down areas on offshore supply vessel or other cargo vessel are made of timber, hard wood which condition deteriorates over time in addition to normal wear and tear.

SPTsa has built up a strong experience in that specific type of marine project and can address it from end to end, from site inspection, recommendation, offer making, procurement and site installation.
A strong and reliable network of suppliers ensures SPTsa of the best material selection depending on each vessel configuration, use, climatic conditions cargo and client’s requirements.
Hardwoods and softer tropical timber essences such as Meranti, Balau, SA Pine, Ekki, Cladocalyx, Bilinga are suitable for marine environment can be procured through this network of partners, fresh-cut.

SPTsa can undertake full renewal project including:


  • Removing of the existing deck wood planks
  • Cleaning and priming of the steel deck.
  • Adjustments in overall dimensions and sectional size.
  • Counter boring of holes for threaded studs’ bolts
  • Laminate to get adequate thickness and overlap, cut of
    underside & topside.
  • Notching out the planks to accommodate lashing point.
  • Machining angles, edges to fit in between the retaining T-bar.
  • Seams calking and sea water treatment.
  • Non slippery solutions.