Wondering what SPTsa has been doing in the last few months?
Here are some of the answers!

DeBeers Vessel

The Debmar Pacific, is a Mining Vessel built in 1977 and currently sailing under the flag of Namibia.

Her Story

Her name is Debmar Pacific, a 9 000-ton mining vessel owned and managed by Debmarine Namibia – a joint venture between De Beers and the Namibian government.
The ship is basically a dredger and her task is to dredge or mine the seabed for diamonds off the coast of Namibia just to the north of the Orange River mouth. 

The crew is on average 60 people—20 to operate the ship and the rest are artisans and technical people.
Debmar Pacific uses an airlift drill of 6.8 m in diameter that bites into the ocean floor somewhere between 90 to 120 m below the surface. 
Over a year, she will mine around 5 km² of seabed.

Our Work

During more than 2 months our team of 25 technicians has demonstrated its expertise and determination by taking up the challenge of the Debmar Pacific in-port project.
3 SPTsa’ containers were disposed on site to ensure the well-being and site comfort of our employees as well as the secure storage of our tools and materials.
Working 7 days a week, adapting to unexpected events, producing quality work was SPTsa’s daily business.


Flooring is most probably the material that deteriorates the quickest. This is why flooring represented a major section of that project.
Different type of floor were installed according to the location and purpose:

  • Tiles floor in wet units and Galley
  • Vinyl flooring in cabins
  • Amtico – Wood imitation planks in bridge, TV room, Messroom etc.
Galley / Messroom

In the Galley SPTsa team:

  • Installed new deckhead panels
  • Installed new bulkhead panels
  • Installed self leveling screeding
  • Installed 36 m² of tiles

In the Messroom SPTsa team:

  • Installed new deckhead panels
  • Installed new bulkhead panels
  • Installed 100 m² of Amtico

SPTsa removed all cabins furniture,s e.g existing steel bunks, lockers, desk, sofas. New furnitures were installed in replacement, wood made. In total; more than 40 bed bunks (single or double) were installed by our team.
Formica wood top covering works were also carried out to create new table tops in cabins and new desks on the bridge.
Eventually, general furniture repair, fixing and touch-ups were handled by SPTsa team to ensure the safety and comfort of the crew.

Plant Control Room

A full project on is own was the complete renovation of the Plant control room.
SPTsa start from scratch and ended up to provide Debeers team a comfortable and optimized place to work. 
Our team did:
  • Insulation of wall and ceiling
  • Installation of Bulkhead
  • Installation of Deckhead
  • Installation of Flooring (Vinyl)
  • Paneling/Partitioning to create a wet pre-room

Coming Up Next

What’s happening at SPTsa ?

Fire Doors - Safety First !

Fire at sea has injured and killed thousands of people over the years.
The primary purpose of fire door is to separate fires and associated gas from people trying to escape the blaze and limit the spread of fire and smoke from one place to another.
See in our next newsletter what SPTsa can offer in order to protect your vessel and your crew.

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