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FIRE DOORS - Supply & Installation

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating and properties used as part of a passive fire protection system.

Why installing Fire Doors

Fires at sea have injured and killed thousands of people over the years. Indeed, ships are subject to fires due to the amount of heavy machinery, various combustibles and energies, galley equipment and electrical installation used and stored aboard. While all crew members   must   exercise    caution

to prevent fires, the shipowner is responsible for injuries and deaths caused by fires on board vessel. The primary purpose of any fire door is to separate fires and its gas form the people trying to escape the blaze and limit the spread of fire and smoke from one place into another.


Depending on the location complexity, size and function, different class of fire doors are used. For instance, fire doors should be self-closing in category ‘A’ machinery spaces, galleys and stairways. Doors B-class will be installed in cabins, offices where lower risk of fire is present.
All Fire doors must respect rigorous rules and standards set out by SOLAS regulations and IMO Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code) and Fire Test Procedure (FTP Code) certified.

*Stability: Resistance to the passage of smoke and flames.
Temperature of the unexposed side does not exceed the initial temperature of 1 
Temperature of any point on the door does not exceed the initial temperature of 2  

SPTsa Expertise

SPTsa offers its expertise and qualified personnel for the repair, addition and replacement of fire, water and weather tight doors that are fitted inside accommodation and technical areas.

Through its expertise and extended networks of suppliers, SPTsa can customize and address client’s door replacement project:
  • Carry-out on-site survey to assess doors condition
  • Take all necessary information, characteristics and measurements
  • Define required type of doors according to its locations and purpose. 
  • Draft a specific scope of work / work process according to client’s operational requirements and imperatives.
  • Procure required materials
  • Build up quality controls and safety procedures along with certifying authorities
  • Carry out works according to planning agreed with client
  • Make all required controls (Fire watching, Technical checks, MPI and NDT’s)
  • Fit back all surrounding areas.
SPTsa carries some stock and is associated with certified suppliers to provide:
  • B15 cabin doors
  • A60 internal fire doors
  • Specific doors according to size, colours, and types (roller shutter, sliding doors…) (available on demand)
  • External weather tight or water tight door (on demand)

Such project can be of various types and implemented with various techniques:

  • Refurbishment of existing doors (hardware replacement, plate repairs, fittings and fixtures replacement)
  • Replacement of existing door (bolted or welded)
  • Addition of new door (bolted or welded)

Léon Thévenin – Orange Marine cable-layer vessel

In 2019, SPTsa fitted more than 20 internal A-60 fire doors on the LEON THEVENIN,  a multipurpose cable ship specialized in maintenance operations for ORANGE Marine. A BV certified welder was used to process continuous welding on door frames.

Crucial step to certify that the door is well welded correctly (and according to certifying authority) is the Magnetic Particle Inspection.
SPTsa ensured that no cracks in the welding process interfere with the fire door safety system.
MPI were performed in four steps:
  • Induce a magnetic field in the frame
  • Apply magnetic particles to the frame’s surface
  • View the surface, looking for particle groupings that are caused by defects
  • Demagnetize and clean the frame

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Coral Sea - DeBeers Vessel

Since end of September our team is busy on the Coral Sea – DeBeers Vessel. Another challenge that SPTsa is pleased to meet ! Flooring, paneling, designing furniture … More than 20 technicians are currently onsite to ensure that the work is done on time, and well done.

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