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ENSCO DS-8 is a new generation drillship offering significant advantages over other vessels and equals or exceeds the highest specification drillships.

Her Story

Ensco ordered an advanced-capability ultra-deepwater drillship built at the Samsung Heavy Industries. The vessel, ENSCO DS-8, is the sixth Samsung DP3 drillship in the Ensco fleet. It was delivered in 2015.

The drillship is based on the proprietary Samsung GF12000 hull design measuring 755 feet in length and 125 feet in width. She offer a payload in excess of 22,000 metric tons and a 1,250-ton hoisting system. 

Our Work


Our team supplied, shipped and safely completed the installation of marine approved insulation of the electrical room (25m²) in within 4 days. They did the full insulation by:

  • Grinding paint where pins needed to be welded.
  • Weld pins onto the steel deck head.
  • Primer paint touch ups. 
  • Install Rockwool slabs on flat surface and on stiffeners w/A-60 standards.
  • Put covering caps to secure the insulation.
  • Cover and joins slabs by using silver tape.
ensco office web

SPTsa can provide to each customer turn key solution to room / area conversion.
On the DS8, the project was the reconfiguration of several rooms to optimize space and meet the customer’s wishes and expectations.
The work started on board with site survey, gathering all necessary information. Then, at SPTsa with engineering and design, generating the best general arrangement and lay out.
Once all the drawing completed and approved by the client, SPTsa handled procurement, pre-assembly of all material and equipment.
The team was then sent offshore to perform job, by removing existing and outfitting new furniture.


On this busy month of July, 2 others members of SPTsa team went offshore on the Ensco 109 oil rig to do some cladding on external engine exhaust pipes. Project was complex, because performed during operation, involving craning and deck jobs.

SPTsa ensures that, for each project, qualified & trained personnel able to work offshore is molilized. Our staff has access to certified & continuous training, allowing them to work onboards rigs or drillships. 
The SPTsa team can provide you a wide range of revamping and/or installations perfectly adapted to the offshore living conditions standards and regulation.renovations and/or installations perfectly adapted to the living conditions on the high seas.


Handling Offshore is something SPTsa learned to master through several projects. For more than 25 years now our team has performed many of different projects such as:

  • External doors replacement (Total Congo – 50 doors)
  • PVC floor and Resin installation ( Maersk Drilling in PE)
  • Recreation of room and cabins (Saipem 3000 – Italy; Cajun Express – Spain)
  • Floor and wall paper renewal (Total Angola)
Total Angola
Maersk Drilling

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What’s happening at SPTsa ?

A New look

SPTsa has always provided quality standards and works. Additionnaly, for a few months now, its management and structure have been officially recognized by an internationally renowned organization: DNV-GL.
To continue on this journey of continuous improvement, SPTsa has decided to completely review its brochures to offer its customers a clearer overview of its capabilities.

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