Technical floors

This category of flooring systems includes flooring systems with different core characteristics and use

  • Raised floors (elevated floor tiles laid on pedestal to allow and hide electrical cable running underneath) This type of floor is typically isntalled inside control room / electronic  areas
  • Floating floor → Floor with strong sound absorption properties. This type of flooring system is typically installed on deck directly above engine room or heavy noise areas.
  • Visco elastic floor → Floor with strong structure borne sound dampening properties. Typically this floor is installed on top of engine rooms, and can be combined with floating floor to provide both structural and airborne insulation
  • Underlay → Floor with strong fire blocking properties, adding to its sound absorption. Typically this type of floor is found is high fire spreading risk area such as galley and laundry.
  • and SPTsa offers expertise in renovation or installation of new floors for the marine and offshore industry.

All our materials are SOLAS and IMO certified for use at sea.