Floor covering

Floor covering means finish visible layer of floooring. There are different categories and type of floor covering, each with its own characteristics, properties and uses according to areas and intended use. Floor covernings are normally top layers of floor systems that includes fiber reinforced self levelling screeding

  • Vinyl flooring → this heavy duty floor coverning, normally 2mm is the top layer of a system that can combine with underlay (technical floor systems) , self levelling screeding. It is mostly used in cabins, offices and public areas.
  • LVT flooring → Luxury vinyl tiles flooring are a upscale floor top layer, that is typically found in same areas than vinyl flooring, only except in areas with less traffic, where visual aspect is emphasized
  • Tile flooring → Floor systems that is usually combined with underlay (Technical flooring system), self levelling screeding. Tile flooring is typically used in technical, wet and heavy duty areas such as Galley, laundries and wet units, where floor resistance and anti-slid properties are required..
  • Epoxy flooring → Floor with strong mechanical and abrasive resistance properties, typically used in wet area such as wet unit, shower cubicles, common sanitary, laundry and Galley areas, where resistance, low maintenance and anti slid properties are required.
  • Carpet flooring → Floor that combine comfort and resistance in high traffic passenger areas. Typically, carpet flooring is installed in top offices, cabins and corridors

All our materials are SOLAS and IMO certified for use at sea.

SPTsa has developped deep expertise in floor coverings, both in terms of advice, fitting and maintaining. Its careful selection of products insure long term use with low maintenance, in respect with industry best practices while complying with class and authorities requirements.