Project References

Over the past years SPTsa has successfully fulfilled various clients’ needs.

Year Client Vessel / Rig Work description Location of work
2013 BOURBON Bourbon Norte Installation of a new hospital unit Cape Town (South Africa)
2013 TRANSOCEAN Sedco 702 Replacement of all salt water piping + accommodation repairs Saldanha (South Africa)
2014 TRANSOCEAN RIG 135 One supervisor at rig disposal for various accommodation maintenance and repairs on board Offshore (Congo)
2014 TOTAL E&P ANGOLA FPSO GIRASSOL Mess room complete floor & wall paper renewal Offshore (Angola)
2014 HALLIBURTON Stim star Refurbishment of the mess room & galley flooring Cape Town (South Africa)
2014 EBH NAMIBIA Go gliese Refurbishment of one accommodation deck after fire damage Walvis bay (Namibia)
2014 PETRO LOG DSV Vinnice A 60 insulation (500m²) of the engine room Cape Town (South Africa)
2015 TRANSOCEAN CAJUN EXPRESS Recreation room & offices revamping Las Palmas (Spain)
2015 ST MARINE DELTA FRIGATE F5 Accommodation supplies for upgrade frigate F6 Singapore
2015 SAIPEM SAIPEM 3000 Recreation room & cabins revampimg and transformations Offshore (Italy)
2015 FRENCH NAVY FS nivose Replacement of 500 m² of vinyl flooring Port Louis (Mauritius)
2015 NIKKHAM OFFSHORE Endeavour independence Flooring / panels repairs, furniture supply, various repairs in accommodation and galley Saldanha (South Africa)
2015 Maersk Drilling Maersk Deliverer Mess room floor and shower resin installation Port Elisabeth (South Africa)
2015 BUMI ARMADA Armada hibiscus Increase sleeping capacity from 300 to 330 POB (creation of new cabins and bathroom) Walvis bay (Namibia)
2016 TOTAL Offshore platforms External doors replacement Offshore (Congo)
2016 De Beers ARDC SS Nujoma Outfitting of technical rooms Cape Town (South Africa)
2016 ORANGE MARINE LEON THEVENIN Flooring renewal accommodations South Africa
2016 SBM SBM Installer Mess room refurbishment
2017 DCD HMS Clyde Accommodation repairs navy ship South Africa (Cape Town)
2017 CHANTIER PIRIOU C325 Complete outfitting 3 levels (cabins + common areas + galley) – New built France (Concarneau)
2017 ORANGE MARINE LEON THEVENIN Revamping common sanitary South Africa (Simon’s Town)
2017 DORMAC HMS PROTECTOR Hospital refurbishment South Africa (Cape Town)
2017 TOTAL E&P CONGO YAQ Supply external fire certified doors Congo – Brazzaville
2018 EBH DR FRITDJOF NANSEN General accommodation revamping South Africa (Cape Town)
2018 DE BEERS GRAND BANKS Complete LQ’s revamping and upgrading (flooring, panelling, ceiling, window, control room) South Africa (Cape Town)
2018 DE BEERS DEBMAR ATLANTIC Partial LQ’s revamping and upgrading (flooring, panelling, ceiling, window, control room) South Africa (Cape Town)
2018 ORANGE MARINE LEON THEVENIN Internal fire door replacement South Africa (Cape Town)
2018 EBH POLAR MARQUIS Engine exhaust thermal insulation & lagging South Africa (Cape Town)
2018 ENIGMA XK ENIGMA XK Engine & Sewage room sound proofing (Insulation) South Africa (Cape Town)