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M/V MAFUTA - DeBeers Vessel

The Mafuta, previously named Peace in Africa, is a diamond-mining ship owned and operated by De Beers since 2006.

Her Story

The ship’s keel was laid in 1982 in the Netherlands and it was launched the following year. Originally a heavy lift ship, she has a length of 170 m. She has a beam of 24.20 m and the height from the top of the keel to the main deck is 15 m.

The dredging equipment aboard Mafuta includes a 240-ton crawler and a diamond recovery treatment plant. The dredge has a suction capacity of about 10,000 cubic meters of water and gravel per hour, resulting in about 250 tons of material to be processed for diamonds. 

Our Work

SPTsa was present onboard during the entire in-port when the M/V Mafuta was in dry dock. A site establishment, composed of 3 containers were also on site to ensure the well-being of our employees as well as the  secure storage of our tools and materials.

During these 6 weeks the SPTsa team laid 400mof Wood-imitation flooring “Amtico”, 900m2 of Vinyl flooring and 200m2 of carpet. SPTsa also installed resin flooring in the freezer room.  A consequent work of flooring to improve the interior of the vessel. 

Our team also took in charge the conversion of a library into 2 separate cabins with one 3-functions wet unit each. Works includes the partitioning, the installation of a false ceiling and the fitting of the doors, all IMO approved materials.



The ambivalent nature of SPTsa led us to take charge of the complete renovation of the galley with the installation of a new tiles, the installation of stainless steel bulkhead and deckhead and various supply of equipment.


Coming Up Next

What’s happening at SPTsa ?



In June, 2 members of the SPTsa team went offshore Angola to perform work for 2 weeks period. Indeed, ENSCO’s DS-8 needed someone trusted and experienced  to organize the insulation of the electrical room and the reconfiguration of two offices.

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